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Product: doTerra Essential Single Oils and Blends

Price: $10-$75

Where to Buy: doTerra Website to guarantee purity

Size of Container: 5mL or 15mL

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

doTERRA was founded in 2008 by a group of health professionals and business people who wanted to be able to share pure grade essential oils and educate the world about their numerous health benefits. Those who founded the company had experienced life changing results from the use of essential oils. There is enormous potential to use doTerra essential oils to clean your home safely, in addition to the many health benefits the oils offer. They named their company doTERRA, which is Latin for “Gift of the Earth.” This is appropriate since the oils are derived directly from the abundant sources the earth has to offer and it is done so in a way that is respectful to the earth. doTerra works hard to decrease their footprint on the planet both in the way that they obtain the oils and through the use of the oils.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)

doTerra oils are all Cerified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG). While the company came up with this grading system, they wanted to hole themselves to a certain standard of purity. In other words, they are only accountable to themselves. On their website and in their doTerrapamphlets you will see that most of the oils can be used directly on the skin (normally with a carrier oil) and a number of the oils can actually be consumed. This can only be done with the purest of oils and doTerra only wants to put its name on something of high quality. While having their own grading system might bring about questions regarding the actual purity of their oils, they know that they must offer a safe product to build community trust.

doTerra’s Unique Sales Model

The use of essential oils is a unique experience and they company created a means of sharing the oils that is equally unique. They knew that it was something that would be best understood if heard from personal experience. To this end, the company created a direct sales model that would allow customers to work with an individual who had their own set of experiences working with essential oils. The meant not going to traditional route of mass marketing. Since 2008, the now over 2 million Wellness Advocates are able to form bonds with their customers that have grown out of trust. In addition, the has allowed individual vendors the opportunity to achieve financial independence.

Eco Friendly Sourcing

When the company launched in 2008, the had a total of 25 single oils and 10 unique blends. The number of oils they now offer has increased substantially. In addition, they offer other wellness products and tools Eco Friendlyto be used in conjunction with your essential oils. They were able to accomplish this through their “Global Botanical Network” which allows them to source the oils from countries through which the raw product is indigenous. Everything is allowed to grow in its natural habitat and this produces the highest quality product. There are growers and distillers throughout 40 countries that are a part of this network. doTerra could purchase large plots of land to grow the plants they need, but the knowledge and know how of the growers and distillers is unmatched and they are an integral part of the production of such a pure product.

doTerra Helps Build Communities

doTerra works in several third world countries to source their plants. This has a direct impact on the communities from which the farmers and distillers are a part of. While the company has several “Co-Impact Projects”, their “Healing Hands Foundation” has perhaps the greatest community impact. The company goal in establish this foundation is to see communities free of disease and poverty. They offer a number of ways to donate to the foundation through their website where you can also purchase your oils and other products.

doTerra Oils and Cleaning Your Home

While the many single oils and blends can be used topically and internally, they would be used to clean the home aromatically to add a fresh, clean scent to your home. Oils can be used aromatically in several ways:

  • Add oils to a glass spray bottle with water and spray over carpets, curtains, furniture, and bedding
  • Add directly into your laundry or use on Wool Dryer Balls
  • Add to your home-made all-purpose cleaner

In addition to the fresh smell, the many oils available have a profound effect on emotion, behavior and memory. You can choose an oil that will give you more energy or one that will have a soothing and Dryer Ballscalming effect. Eucalyptus and Basil are great examples of invigorating oils, while Lavender is known for its calming effects. There are also oils and blends that offer greater immune system protection such as Breathe and OnGuard, and these are a great option during flu season. The website offers a comprehensive guide explaining how to use each oil (topically, internally or aromatically) and it gives a detailed description about what the oils can be used for.


While doTerra oils may seem expensive, they are comparably priced to other therapeutic oils that are safe for consumption. It is also important to remember that they are highly potent and a few drops will go a long way. You simply can’t put a price tag on the wonderful addition they make to your house cleaning regimen and the health benefits are a great bonus.

doTerra Offers Quality

With over 40 single blends and an ever-growing number of blends, doTerra offers something for everyone whether it’s for aromatic use or improved health. They also have many spa and nutrition products, and accessories to be used with your oils. Most of the oils are either in a 5mL or a 15mL glass bottle that protects the quality of the product. Be sure to take note of the bottle size before you comparison shop as other companies may offer the same oils in different size bottles. A number of the oils are available in a roll-on bottle that makes application simple and convenient. doTerra is a quality essential oil brand that can be used to enhance your cleaning and well-being.

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