My nine year old son loves the word satisfying and he uses it incessantly. When I think of the word satisfying I conjure up a pleasant image in my mind, such as a delicious meal or sipping a fruity beverage on the beach. But as the mother of two boys and an equally gross girls, I should have realized sooner that the word “disgusting” can be used interchangeably with the word satisfying. My children might use the word “satisfying” to describe passing gas while your butt cheek is conveniently pressed up against your sibling’s nose. It might also be used when they squeeze a pimple and the sheer force of that sucker causes a splatter against the mirror with a “satisfying” kerplunk! And as reluctant and embarrassed I am to admit it, sometimes I can actually see their point. Sometimes satisfaction can be found in the disgusting. This brings me to the nasty drains in the two sinks in our bathroom. There are two words to sum up this little cleaning experience: Disgustingly Satisfying!!!

We’re Getting A Divorce!

My husband used to jokingly tell me that if I got us lost one more time we were going to end up divorced. Thank goodness for the invention of the GPS which has saved our marriage. Now that my husband could no longer blame me for printing out crappy directions that I couldn’t follow, we had to move onto something bigger and better. This is where hair clogs enter the discussion. At this point, I plea for the sympathy of anyone with long, curly hair or anyone with long hair for that matter. You put product in your hair and you simply can’t avoid the many longs strands that are lost. Even when you wipe your hands on a towel and you think the hairs are gone before rinsing in the sink the hairs still manage to find their way to the drain. And I totally get it. It’s gross. It’s annoying. Nobody wants to stand there for ten minutes waiting for the water to go down.

But It’s Not All My Fault!

I might make the argument that the coarse hairs from the beard wreak as much havoc on the drains as my long, curly hair. I prefer to just roll my eyes and avoid an argument as I’m sure I can come up with something better to fight about. I can take pleasure in my hypothesis that I am right. Now of course I would admit if I were wrong (silently in my head with nobody else around) but I took great comfort in my belief that my husband’s shaving cream and hairs were causing a chunk of the problem too. Just taking a cotton swab as far as it would reach produced a fair amount of a black, slimy substance. It only made sense that more of that was lying beyond the reach of the cotton swab. And then came the day when my suspicions were confirmed.

The Water Won’t Go Down

And then there was the “Oh crap, my husband is going to freak out” moment when the water wouldn’t go down in my sink at all. It did eventually trickle down the drain but I knew the problem was still there. And lucky for me that the universe works in such wondrous ways, I was online at a store making another purchase when I saw one of those sink snake gadgets staring right at me. It was only a couple of buck so I figured why not give it a go. It was one with a brush at the end and it had a long bendable handle. I have since learned that most of them do a good job as long as they have a long handle and have something to grab the gunk. I honestly couldn’t wait to get home and see what nastiness came out of the drains. And yes, my kids would have loved every satisfyingly disgusting minute of it!

This Sucker Really Works

And it worked! The gross stuff that came out of both of the sinks in our bathroom was astounding. Yes, I said BOTH sinks because my husband’s was equally disgusting as my own. Ha! And I have to admit that there was something incredibly satisfying about pulling up wads of hair. Look at the picture if you dare! I honestly couldn’t believe the amount of “stuff” that was stuck in our drains. After I scooped out the lovely combination of hair and black goop (is that even a word?) I gave the sink a good cleaning. Then I let the water run and SWOOSH, it went right down the drain. I was so happy it worked and thrilled not to have to pour harmful chemicals down my drain. I was amazed that such a simple tool did such a great job. It was one of those times when you wish you had come up with the idea yourself. Sometimes the answer is so darn simple.

Being Right

My fabulously simple tool got the job done. And I willingly admit that the entire process was both disgusting and satisfying. While I’m not on board for someone “tooting” in my face, pulling hair out of the drain was super satisfying. Maybe I’ll even give it to you on the exploding pimple, but I draw the line there. But far more satisfying than flying zits or noxious gas was the very fact that I was right. So let it be known that these fabulous sink snake gadgets do a great job on long curly hair as well as gunked up beard hair which does in fact clog the sink. Check out this tool and others like it by clicking here on I WAS RIGHT! This will take you to one of several great tools but feel free to explore your options. Happy Cleaning!





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