Yup, it’s true, my boys smell. Actually, sometimes they flat out stink. I have the diffuser running, but that’s a pretty pungent odor and it’s kind of hard to cover up. Baseball practice is in full swing, so what else should I expect? However, it isn’t even February yet (yup, it starts this early!) so I can only imagine what things will be like in June when we factor heat into the equation. I can throw them in the shower, but their clothes have become another story.

The Pit Test

A few years ago, when my oldest son was in the third grade, his teacher had the kids do “The Pit Test”! It was June and getting pretty hot in the classrooms. They had just come back from gym class Stinkyand this poor teacher was in narrow confines with 15 stinky kids. She told them all to raise their hand, turn their heads, and take a whiff. Turns out they all nearly fainted from their own armpit odor! She told them if they had a sour looking face then they should go home and tell their parents to buy them deodorant. Luckily, she’s a pretty “crunchy” lady and I was happy to see her make natural deodorant suggestions. So, that solved part of the problem at least. There comes a time when your child’s sweat changes and it becomes stinky. Hug them often because they probably won’t let you get close much longer. While you’re hugging, take a deep breath and let your child know if they smell!

Food And Body Odor

Eating certain foods can cause body odor in both children and adults. Remember, what you take into your body will come out as waste, so crap in means crap out! Junk food is a major culprit forJunk Food body odor in kids. And not only do they cause body odor, but these snacks are loaded in fat, sugar, and empty calories and can lead to obesity and diabetes. This is a factor we can control by making healthy food choices. This is just one element when discussing stinky pits and obviously your child’s overall health is the major concern when it comes to eating too much junk food.

Sunshine And Smelly Gym Clothes

Your child can wear deodorant and eat clean and yet they will still be stinky when the hot sun beats down on them. As the weather gets warmer, we all hope our kids will get their butts up from sitting in front of the computer and go out and play. And being that they are kids and full of energy, they will play and they will play hard, just as they should. And then they will be sweaty and stinky no matter what you try to do to prevent it. Of course, you can do things to lessen the odor, but inevitably their clothes will start to smell. I will even reluctantly admit that I have smelly gym clothes that I wouldn’t dare wash with my nice shirts and jeans. It’s great that we have all of these amazing moisture wicking materials that pull the moisture away from our skin. Unfortunately, the fabric pulls the odor into the fabric along with the moisture. And the result is some stinky gym clothes. Factor in your child’s favorite sport and now you have the dirtiest possible clothes on the planet. Both of my boys play baseball and there is nothing more exciting than sliding into home. All of this amounts to some rather horrifying laundry!

Wash Stinky Clothes Naturally

I am all for using natural laundry detergent, especially the ones without the perfumes and dyes. But when I used this type of product to wash our sports gear, there was still a lingering odor. I have recently been on a mission to tackle the nasty stinky clothes and I have tried a number of things Laundryto this end. My normal Free and Clear detergent wasn’t cutting it, so I decided to try a more conventional brand that also didn’t have the perfumes and dyes. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite pass the sniff test either and the results were just about equal. Then I decided I was going to move away from the odorless detergents and I decided to order several products to take for a test drive. I didn’t bother with a conventional fragranced detergent because I didn’t want all the awful chemicals that can be found in the ingredient list. Also, my daughter has super sensitive skin so it definitely wasn’t an option. I read package labels and found a few products I was comfortable using and then I tried them out on the grossest piles of clothes I could find.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

In my quest to wash stinky clothes, I did come up with two solutions that I am very happy with. First, I added lavender essential oil to my Seventh Generation Free and Clear and I was happy with the results. While I tried their detergent that already had lavender added to it, I wasn’t as happy as Grab Greenwhen I added it on my own. I should note that I also put lavender on my dryer balls. And then there was the most random laundry pods that I ordered without having ever heard of the company. The brand is GRAB GREEN and the product is super transparent. Not only are all the ingredients listed on the package, but they go a step further to explain the role of each ingredient. It in non-toxic, free of phosphates and has no optical brighteners, chlorine or dyes. Grab Green never tests on animals and is made in the United States. It comes in a nicely concentrated pod to reduce the risk of me pouring laundry down my leg. Sounds like a win so far right? So let’s talk about smell. Our nasty gym clothes looked clean and smelled amazing! The scent is derived from lavender, patchouli and yarrow essential oils (other scents and unscented also available). Apparently, this combination works because it smells so good without that artificial perfume stink from your conventional laundry detergent. This one is definitely a winner!!!

Keep Your Kids, Get Rid Of The Stink

The good news is that you can keep your children! It’s nice to know that there are some safe ways to clean even the smelliest kids. I’m now going to stock up on the many other Grab Green products and give those a test run so stay tuned…





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